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Ira Wood is the producer / host of The Lowdown, a talk show on Pacifica Radio Network affiliate WOMR-FM, Provincetown, focusing on books, science, politics, and social trends. From nationally known authors, politicians, and entertainers to local activists, artists, and eccentrics, The Lowdown reaches listeners throughout Cape Cod and the Boston suburbs with informed and lively conversation.

His 5-minute essays, which he calls Matters of Opinion air most Fridays at the end of the station’s weekly news magazine.


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The Lowdown

“Wood is an exceptional conversationalist and writer. Relaxed, upbeat, and totally unflappable, he creates such an invigorating atmosphere that his guests don’t want to leave when their time is up.”
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Matters of Opinion

5-minute radio essays with a touch of chutzpah and cheek

“Fearless, gregarious, frequently humble and hysterical…Ira Wood is on the same pedestal we’ve placed Dave Barry and David Sedaris. Yes, he’s that good.” 
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Ira Wood

Ira Wood

When Ira began hosting The Lowdown he found that in a seasonal community like Cape Cod, which attracts nationally-known entertainers, politicians, and intellectuals during the summer months, celebrated in-studio guests were scarce after Labor Day. No problem when, as well as local activists, politicians, and working Cape Codders, many of the most provocative authors and thinkers in the country are happy to join him via Skype and telephone. more

Some of Ira’s guests have included:

Some of Ira’s Guests include: Lewis Black, Comedian, David Denby, New Yorker Movie Critic, Jill Stein, Presidential Candidate, Governor Jesse Ventura, Dan Okrent, Author, Julian Cyr, State Senator, Sarah Peake, State Rep, John Lahr, New Yorker Theater Critic, J. Hoberman, Village Voice Movie Critic, Roger Stone, Republican Strategist, Mary Norris, The Comma Queen, Martin Espada, Poet, Dan Wolf, State Senator, Larry Kotlikoff, Social Security Guru, Paul Greenberg, Fishing Writer, Chef Rossi, Catering Queen, Pagan Kennedy, New York Times Science Columnist, Phil Zombardo, Psychologist, William Novak, Ghostwriter, Mark Manson, Self Help Author, Kate Clinton, Comedian, Dr. Beach, Gary Rivlin, Business Reporter, Sam Quinones, Author, Johann Hari, Author, Chip Berlet, Investigative Journalist, Peter Manso, Biographer, Timothy Tyson, Historian, Marty Appel, New York Yankees Publicist, Gary John Bishop, Success Coach, Baroness Helena Kennedy, House of Lords, Rick Peterson, Houston Astros Pitching Coach, Neil Shubin, Paleontologist, Julie Lythcott Haims, Author, Andy Parker, Anti-Gun Activist, Governor Madeleine Kunin, Tyler Kepner, New York Times Sports Reporter

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